Internet Marketing

Not only does the My Hello Malayali website itself have a loyal, enthusiastic and ever-growing following across the world, but each day members’ properties are uploaded to the websites of the Daily Telegraph and Country Life. 

Legal Services

Every country has its own unique real estate culture and legal process. For buyers and sellers Hello Malayali can recommend specialist legal representation and tax advice to ensure a safe and rewarding transaction.


Commercial Assessment &

Master Planning

Hello Malayali is driven by a bottom up approach to conceptualizing and finding the highest and best use for property. Our ground up approach to real estate is founded based on research. My Cochin Property investigates and provides sound data, planning constraints and on ground knowledge of infrastructure implementation. These services calculate the highest and best use of any property. Commercial assessment forms the blue print for presentations of our development brief. This allows us to capture the essence at a project level, even before a designer pens a page to develop a master plan.


The team takes ownership of implementing projects as its own rather than just a supervising job. At the core of every project is a system that ensures timely delivery as well as detailed cost and contract management. Hello Malayali has a robust cost planning, contracts and reporting system. This web based system allows for real time tracking of projects at a financial level. Hello Malayali reporting structure and investor portal combine to ensure that stake holders have auditable and timely information relating to financial sales, forecasts, preliminaries, marketing and overheads on demand.

What makes us the preferred choice